Friday, October 1, 2010

Cheap shot at the Grammy Awards

The Grammy gods choose to pay tribute to a man, love him, or hate him, who devoted his life to composing and performing the most influential music we will probably ever see, by pushing the global warming agenda.

Not only that, but they also do something that the man, Michael Jackson, was wholeheartedly against, and that is, exposing his children to the media and the public. He feared the media would exploit them, and last night at the Grammys, that is exactly what happened.

Not being up on today's music trends, by choice not for the reasons my parents hated my music growing up, I only watched the Grammys to see the much-publicized Michael Jackson 3-D tribute. I did not have 3-D glasses, so maybe the 'saving the Earth' video would have had a bigger impact on me than it did, but I doubt it.

It was a fifteen-minute tribute to a man who died suddenly, who died too young, and who gave us more than four decades of music. It was a disgrace! Instead of doing a medley of his hits, which certainly would have taken longer than fifteen minutes, they choose to have five singers do one of his songs, with Michael's voice intertwined between them. I would have enjoyed it more if Usher sang it by himself. Carrie Underwood seemed out of place trying to be 'soulful', and Jennifer Hudson screamed through most of the song.

The worst of it, though, would definitely have to be the moment when they forced Michael Jackson's children out on the stage to accept the award. The only thing they know right now about their dad, is that he was their dad and he loved them very much. They do not understand the enormous impact their father had on generations of fans. They were there for one reason, and one reason only, to exploit them. If they wanted to make the performance and award mean more, the Grammy people would have at the very least, invited Michael's brothers, the rest of the Jackson 5, to accept the award. Janet Jackson could have easily have stepped into that role as well. I think the whole thing was a shameful display of the Grammys' attempt at getting viewers who normally would not tune in, to watch.

The only bright spot of the incredibly drawn out awards' show, was Elton John and Lady Gaga together on stage. My 17-year-old son said to me that Lady Gaga is today's Elton John, and he is right. I first went to see Elton John in concert in 1976. With his wild outfits, his crazy antics on stage, and his incredible music, it was the enough to make me go see him in concert numerous times over the years. The difference between Lady Gaga's crazy clothes and Pink's Cirgue du Soleil water ride, with her whole hiney showing, is that Lady Gaga can sing.

Beyonce, who in my opinion, cannot sing and sounds the same in every one of the songs I have heard her ever sing, and she grabs her crotch. Personally, I was less offended by Adam Lambert's sexual connotations at the American Music Awards, than I was seeing Beyonce in an evening gown, grabbing at her private parts. Is this what we have become? Is that behavior from a woman on national television acceptable?

Ringo Starr looked great and I believe he was being polite when he said he listens to all types of music and enjoys the music of the people attending the Grammys. The members of Fleetwood Mac were harshly honest, when asked if they liked Lady Gaga. The looks on their faces said it all.

Bon Jovi was a bright spot in the show and surprisingly voters agreed with my choice of song, "Living on a Prayer". I also love his, "Who Says You Can't Go Home". I just find it amazing that the same people, who listen to Beyonce, also listen to the chipmunk-y voice of Taylor Swift, and the classic rocker, Jon Bon Jovi.

If anything, watching the Grammys was a learning experience. It taught me more about the declining morals of this generation, through no fault of its own. My generation listened to Stevie Wonder and Elton John at the Grammys, minus the bare butts.

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